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Audience Reviews

I saw this play today and laughed hysterically from start to finish. It is so well done. Each actor plays their role superbly. What a great time we had.  It was not stop energy and I would actually like to see it again. This should become a movie. I see about 3 plays a month but this has been the best by far in a long time. Great show. Thanks for the laughs!!


“Bullet for Adolf,” co-written by Woody Harrelson and Frankie Hyman and directed by Woody Harrelson is a must-see! I have not laughed so hard in a very long time, everyone if the audience was having a great time. (no one was sleeping and I checked). Excellent story, great cast – do yourself a favor and see this!!!

Kathleen W.

Hysterically funny… first rate production… surprising twists and turns… deals with serious social issues… Go See It!

Bedminster, NJ

Absolutely hysterical. Fabulous characters, fabulous actors, a must-see. I haven’t laughed so hard in forever!

Manassas, VA

Bullet for Adolf is hilarious, kudos Woody Harrelson & Frankie Hyman great show!!!

Pope J.

Loved the play, loved the actors and LOVED the flying slap. Tons of laughs.

Pope J.

Bullet for Adolf was hilarious! Laughed throughout the show and had a great experience reliving the 1980s.

South Pasadena, CA

I want to thank the producers of Bullet for Adolf for the wonderful evening my friend and I had on Thursday. The appearance of Mr. Harrelson at the pre-event was amazing. The show will be highly recommended to all of our guests!

Arman S.
Library Hotel

Bullet for Adolf was a total surprise and a total delight. I was so entertained and laughed more than I have in a long time. Mr. Harrelson has achieved a true entertainment masterpiece! The characters were all so amusing, so well acted and directed. The play to me had hints of a Joe Orton absurd comedy, the whimsicality of a Neil Simon play and the twisted darkness of Sam Shepard. I have been talking it up and recommending it since Thursday night! I had a total blast.

Peter J.
Kimberly Hotel

Very funny show–we had a great time! I will absolutely recommend it.

Barbara D.S.
Hotel Mela

The show was hilarious! Loved it!

Lana Z.
Wolcott Hotel

Bullet for Adolf was great! I laughed often and whole-heartedly. It was more laid back and enjoyable than I thought! The title is a bit disconcerting and ambiguous, so I was pleasantly relieved that the play was a real treat! My guest really enjoyed it as well.

Woody Harrelson has a great concept regarding the play. The cast was spectacular and funny! I really liked the variety, chemistry, and dynamic of the characters. The photo montages were also a stimulating aspect. I was impressed by Woody Harrelson’s laid back and unpretentious demeanor. Great guy! Great experience! Thumbs up!

Bautista C.
Omni Berkshire Place

The show was fantastic! Thanks!

Andaz 5th
Avenue Hotel

Excellent show. Funny, clever, and great visuals. Over the top characters drive most of the humor in this show!

New York, NY

Wonderfully funny and totally irreverent dialogue from a mix of interesting characters. It was fun to see Woody skulking about as I walked into the theater!

New York, NY